A Blooming Hill Vineyard

Some days, standing at a particular spot in the vineyard where the light spills across the slope of Blooming Hill, it is possible to believe the world has just begun and life is full of promise. The soft sound of a breeze rustling the vines, the warm touch of sun on emerging fruit, sky as far off as anyone can see beyond the hills reminds us that there may be nothing quite so wonderful as the simple pleasures given us by nature.

Our vineyard is on a southeast-facing slope in the last hills of the Chehalem Mountain range. Each vine is nestled in windblown, volcanic soil anchored to this basalt range with depths of six to twelve feet. This rich soil produces grapes lavish in the tastes of the earth and its surrounding micro-climate. Each vine is coaxed by hand to produce full, compact clusters.

Jim tends each vine by hand from first pruning in January. Each grape cluster is scrutinized and selected in the vineyard from veraison through the hand picking process. Only the best clusters are destined for the fermenting tanks and, for the red wine, their week to ten-day cold-soak sojourn.  Jim says he is a Wine Guide…he tends the vines lovingly from the first pruning in the winter through the moment when the cork is placed in the bottle and the label is applied (by hand operated machine, we might add!), he helps the grapes become what they are meant to be and tries to stay out of the way of the process while ensuring that he does all of the things he is supposed to.  It is an interesting balance and it is always exciting to see how it turns out.

We welcome people to our vineyard and Tasting Room to meet us, taste our wines and enjoy our beautiful views. You might even want to join our Wine Club or just have a picnic!  Most of our wines are sold though our Tasting Room and at various Farmers Markets where we love to pour all spring, summer and into the early Fall.  Visit our website (CAN YOU PLEASE PUT THE LINK HERE…) for all of our events.  Follow us on Facebook for the up-to-minute.

Visit Us:

5195 SW Hergert Rd.
Cornelius OR 97113

Open Weekends Noon to 5 PM

Buy A Blooming Hill Wines

Outside the tasting room, you can purchase wines in Oregon at  The Friendly Vine in Forest Grove, OR; Urban Decanter in Forest Grove; Hank’s in Hillsboro, Unger Farms in Cornelius. And, Hot Lips Pizza serves our wines! You can also order our wines from our website for shipping.